The Global Professional is an expatriate that is courageous, determined and curious. Whether assigned by an organization or self-initiated, a move abroad follows a journey with predictable phases. At times these are exhilarating and inspiring and at other times, disorienting and distracting.

What defines the success of the Global Professional is the ability to adapt and integrate into new business environments and cultural diversity. These professionals offer perspectives that enrich business strategy and leadership when they have addressed the challenges of this integration process.

Individual Coaching

Our coaching services provide a framework for the Global Professional to identify the specific phase you are experiencing right now and to learn how best to address the questions and concerns that arise when considering a move abroad or living as an expat.

Take a look at the links below to see if you recognize yourself in any of the phases. To learn more, we offer you a conversation to explore how we can support you to generate a more meaningful lifestyle as a Global Professional.

Our Services

I. Introductory Coaching Experience

For those that are new to our coaching services, this introduction allows you to experience the benefits of Coaching for Global Professionals and decide your commitment to an extended coaching engagement.

  • 3 one-hour sessions over 3 to 6 weeks to address specific concerns of a given phase.

II. Individual Coaching Engagement

This is designed to accompany you in learning how to maximize an expat experience to achieve your individual or organizational goals.

  • 6 one-hour sessions over 6 to 12 weeks to address specific concerns of a given phase.

III. Feel the Edge: Coaching for Global Professionals

This facilitated dialogue generates a conversation about expat life and the influence it has on your organization’s productivity. We offer this as a way to invite individuals to experience the benefits of Coaching for Global Professionals and to serve them in pinpointing where they may need support.

  • A two-hour session facilitated by a professional coach, this is held at your place of business. Sponsor coordinates event.
  • This two-hour session is a complimentary service. Facilitator Travel and incidentals paid by sponsor.

IV. In-Company Group Coaching Forum

A group coaching process led by a professional coach for those who prefer a collective space where they can learn how to maximize their expat experience to achieve individual or organizational objectives.

  • A series 6 two-hour group sessions over 12 weeks. Minimum 5 people, maximum 8 people. Held at your place of business. Sponsor coordinates event.

V. Customized Organizational Engagement

Depending on your organization’s needs to address the expat experience we can design a customized engagement.

  • We listen to your needs, design a program and agree on execution.

Coaching for the Global Professional is a collaborative creation between Sandra Ruiz Consulting and Kimberly Hunn of Edgewalker Group International.